Live music video flickering?

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      I own 4 cheap Panasonic HC-V270 HD video cameras. They are low spec but do record very well. I have been using the cameras to record live bands, and then using the multi-camera mode in Power Director.

      When the camera is very close to a light source (eg LED stage lighting), I often get a flickering / strobing effect. I read somewhere that this may have something to do with shutter speed.

      The video below shows what I mean.

      The camera is set in auto-mode. Any thoughts?


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      Kevin Mc

      You’ll most likely have to experiment with various shutter speeds and take the cameras off of auto-mode. Can you post a video of “just” the flicker? I am not seeing it.

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      Thank Kevin,
      I haven’t had a chance to try it as yet. Somebody was telling me the 30fps or 60fps frame rate may be impacted by led lights on 50hz power. This being the case, it may be difficult to address. You can see it pretty clearly at around 5.35 on the video.

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      The lights in question are RGB, possibly even RGBW LEDs, that mix their colours by using pulse wave modulation – which means a chopped up waveform based on the 50Hz main frequency. If they are cycling through the colours, as they’re doing here, as red goes up, blue might be going down. They don’t dim, they simply change the amount of time they are on full – so they flicker by design. You can see a flicker on 25 or 50Hz video, but it will be worse on 30/60Hz as the difference makes a big impact – worse than fluorescent or discharge lighting, which at least do ramp up and down in brightness very quickly, rather than snap on and off quickly.

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