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      Have a small home studio were I do mainly video interviews. Have been using Sony prosumer SD video camera up until now. Have started using a Canon EOS 7D recently and am a little confused with the lighting. I use a 3 point light setup with softboxes for Key & Fill and an overhead for the head/backlight.

      With the old SD video camera the lighting seemed more than adequate, sometime too much and had to lower the light. With the DSLR it sems the same light setup doesn't do it. The final outcome appears dark. Wondering if I am using a bad setting on my DSLR.

      My settings: 30 fps, shutter-60, f 4.5, ISO-400, 1920X1080, Im using an F 18-55 lens that is 58mm (the same as the camcorder).

      I'm affraid to go too high on the ISO for fear that  I may get too much noise/grain.

      What's the answer here?

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      If you're filming something like interviews, your frame rate should be at 24 frames. 24 frames has the most cinematic look, compared to a faster 30 frames or 60 frames with the 7d. Don't be afraid to bump your ISO up to 800. It more than likely shouldnt show any grain, only when it starts to get around 3200 and when you're in extremely low light situations is when grain and some noise may start to appear. 

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