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      I have been doing video production (writing, filming, sound, editing …) for the company I work for, and other non-profits for about 2 years now. I also starting doing DSLR photography as well. I have spent most of my $$$ on upgrading via a new Canon 5D Mark III, as well as very good lenses, better sound gear, etc .. Now I need to get started with basic lighting equipment. What would you all recommend as decent starting lighting equipment (names, models, etc ..)??? I'm not looking to buy an expensive Arri lighting system, but enough to get started. I understand basic lighting, but am learning as I go along. Recommendations?
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      Laguna Hiker

      As they say, it all depends on your budget. FloLights are great, but they're about $750 a light. For about $150, you can get a good, basic, three-light flourescent softbox set from Cowboy Studio, or several other shops. The set will take a while to set up (about 30-45 minutes) and take down (about 20 minutes), and it isn't as sturdy as more expensive sets. But the softboxes put out very nice light, just about as good as what you can get from a more expensive set. BTW, I have no affiliation with Cowboy Studio–I've used them, and I think they do a pretty good job at their price point.

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