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      I would like to comment something about the Videomaker video “Lighting for Night Video Shoots”.

      No comments on the night lighting situations, except for the large number of lights that were suggested to use. Except for the one on the panel (key-light) and the one on the back seats, besides one behind the car and on the other side of the driver, many are not necessary on a low budget.

      Now there’s a scene on dinner restaurant which you can solve and not need a large HMI fixture as the video suggests. Just dim the windows. And I do not mean using expensive gels, but simple black tulle fabric. Now this is not something you see in any US lighting situation, but it’s perfect for low budget shoot. This fabric is very cheap, comes in rolls, and you can use 1, 2 or 3 layers to tame the external brightness.

      This is something I learned in film school, too many years ago to say here, and taught by a professional DP. That is he USED tulles in his pro shootings. We used it many times to tame large glass windows or doors, and it’s very effective and easy to clamp or even gaffer tape to the walls. The only problem is when the wind outside is intense. but that is quite rare.

      Well, just a suggestion.

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