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      Hey guys,

      I'm working on a show that will have a set. It is like dinner & a movie where we introduce indy filmmakers work. Attached are pictures of the area we are using. In a concrete building, with 1 fluorescent above. I have 6 hard spotlights, flags, diffusion gels, color correction gels, and reflectors. I was just wondering what type of light set up i should go with. How far should the couch be from the back wall, what type of lights do i need (key, fill, background light, hair light, etc.) & their placement. I will be putting some commando cloth curtains on the walls but here are some pictures for reference. Any any all advice would be appreciated!



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      Oh, wait… I guess I didn't answer too much.  BUT you didn't give too much info either.  Your pictures didn't load, we don't know the type fixtures you're using or how many cameras, either.

      Overall, I like to have talent 5+ feet from the background.  10 is golden.    Cross key the foreground , backlight each guest and HOPEFULLY, you have lights left over to paint the set.  Truthfully, if you're asking these questions, you would probably be better off hiring a lighting director or gaffer to come in and do the job for you.  That would give you the chance to observe, learn their tricks and increase your skillset.

      Good luck.



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