lighting dark skin & white balance

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      I have read that when lighting a dark skined person that using a large softbox for the key light and a gold reflector for the fill light work very well and is flatering to darker skin tones. My question is, should I manually adjust my white balance before introducing the gold reflector, or after?

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      I always white balance before adding colour of any kind to my lighting.

      If you do it after, you run the risk of throwing off colours in the scene (eg. something in the background) that you didn't want changed.



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      I agree with rs on the whitebalance but lighting situations are like snowflakes, every one is different. 

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      Thank you both, it makes sense to white balance before adding any color, but wasn't sure. I guess I will try to get a friend in and try it a couple different ways to see which looks best in post before setting up for the real interview. I want to make sure I have everything ready to go so that I can hopefully instill some confidence in my interviewie. Thanks again


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