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      Hello. I need to know what kind of results the lighting kit in this link will provide in a indoor setting. I was hoping for a warm mood but I cannot find anything about these lights. Do you think they are ok for this low of a price? I know nothing about lighting and I am just getting started in the video realm. Any advice?

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      Looks like an el cheapo set of Cowboy studio lights I have. They run about 5500K temp. I don't worry to much about getting the lighting perfect temp wise but comp wise and deal with the temp in post if I have to. I have a hard time breaking cheap stuff, expensive stuff I can break just looking at it. I've gotten a lot of work out of a cheap set of lights and no one was the wiser on a shoot.

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      I agree with Woody.  I also have a cheep set from cowboy studio.  They have some duct tape in spots but they keep on working. 


      I find the color temp on these fixtures work well if you have some daylight coming in thru windows it matches up nicely. 


      Ive also used them as the only light source indoors.  With the right camera settings and a little work in post you can warm them up nicely. 

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      They're also really, really dim! 40-60W CFLs really don't do much apart from glow. They're nice and soft, but unless your camera has plenty of gain and distances short, I'd avoid them. I have the set I bought in the store, used once and put away in disgust!

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      Most of my indoor stuff is shot with a f 3.5 35mm-70 lense on a FS 100 and before that I was using a VG-10. Never go above 9db of gain on either, most of the time I'll run 0db on the FS-100 and 3db on the VG-10. I can only recall having to whip out my 50mm f 1.8 prime once or twice with the lights. 


      You can get them with heads using different numbers of lights though. The ones I am using have four 60w CFL's per head and suit me fine.  

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      I'm not sure what wattage bulbs I have but there are 5 per soft box.  I have always had plenty of light. We even used them in an event shoot we did at an old Catholic Church is St Louis.  The church was very poorly lit and we used them on each side to light a large children's chorus. 


      When we do talking head interviews we don't turn all of the bulbs on. Each is on a separate switch. 


      @ Woody I now have two of the VG 20s. Love them. 

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      I still got a lot of love for the VG-10. Its my "B" Cam and always with me.

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      When using CF bulbs particularly the 'indoor' variety 40-60 watt equivalent bulbs are very dim. You'll need a butload of them to get any real light out of them without having to use high ISO's or Gain. 100 watt equivalent and higher are much better but you'll still need at least 5 indoor CF bulbs (daylight versions are a bit brighter) to get anything useful at medium ISO and Gain. When you hit the 150 watt equivalent you get more light, but you also start getting more bulk and weight as you will still need several to get those ISO's and Gain levels down to normal.

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      Hate to beat a dead horse, but I've got a set of 4 Cowboy Studio lights and a box of hardware store lights. They aren't fancy but they work. I've got a selection of bulbs I pack with me. Just play with light output from the bulb and light placement to get the intensity you need for your shot.


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      This looks like a fine first set to strart out with. As far as warm/cool colors you can controll that with the color temp of the bulbls and gels. Also with some "black wrap" or heck even foil, you can "snoot" the lights to be a bit more directional and play even more with your lighting. 


      Have fun!

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      I still have my first light kit from 2007; a 4 light monster from Lowel and while they have lasted quite well, they are beginning to show their age (2 of them no longer function).  


      That said, I've had my eye on the Cowboy Studio kits for a while now, but one thing I'm alwasy worried about with CFL sources is flicker; those of you who have these kits, can you tell me if flicker is an issue?  Also, how high a wattage CFL can the sockets handle?  I'm always a fan of having too much light rather than not enough and I'm eager to step up to a lighter kit…even thinking of going LED, though I'm a little worried about cost vs. functionality.  


      To the OP, I would say that if there is no flicker issue, than pick it up!  Soft boxes are nice to have!  

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      I own a similar set I got off eBay. I've only used them once for an interview video and they worked well. I also have used them for still work and if you'd like to see how the lights work, click this link


      There was no flash used, and the pics were not color corrected, just cropped for size. 

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