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      I am looking to purchase some equipment for a studio that is to be set up at a car dealership.
      The studio is going to be in the garage section and we have 2 stalls space to use.
      We will be shooting videos and taking photographs in this studio.
      Now I know there's many different ways to light a car but what are the best and most reliable ways to light a car a car in studio? We've got a reasonable budget and want to get the right equipment. 
      Would appreciate any advice I could get.
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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      Like you said "there's many different ways to light a car", but having in mind the style of the video will give you a better idea on how to light a car and what equipment to invest in. For example if you want to make the car look mysterious you can use a combination of smoke, shadows and faint lights on a darker studio. Close Up, Medium shots and small dolly movements work best for the camera angles in this scenario. On the other hand if you want to show the car completely (either inside, outside or both) you can use a simple three point lightning approach. There are so many light alternatives on the market that is difficult to suggest the "best one". Check out Videomaker light reviews to compare products. My suggestion is to get a light kit with at least three lights, portable and, if your budget allows, LED technology.


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