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      I record meetings in a room that has fluorescent lighting ceiling fixtures. I have the opportunity to replace the ceiling lighting for a better quality picture. What would be the best type of ceiling lights for recording video? All video is captured at 24fps at 1080i.

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      AvatarBrother Dan

      So many options … first, depending on your camera, I'd try a simple screw-on fluorescent filter.


      There are a lot of lighting tutorials here and on YouTube. Kelvin temperature must be considered, especially if there are windows. Is there a presenter at the meetings, or is it a general forum?


      If you're only replacing tubes, just make sure they're balanced. If there are windows, use 5600K tubes. If no windows, 3200K or 5600K will work. Just be sure to white balance.


      If it seems more complicated, let us know more details.


      Good luck, and good shooting.

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