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      Ok so I am setting up this company's video blog mini studio set up.

      They want something really simple that they can flip a switch and go. So bascially, I'm left with what is the best way to hang a Rosco LitePad HO 6×6 light from the ceiling? These are the lights we have to work with that they already have, and they want them hanging from the ceiling.

      Some sort of extendable scissor clamp? A c clamp with an extendable rod?

      Any help would be much appreciated.

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      AvatarDaniel Bruns

      Hi zujaraj,


      I'd love to help! First a couple of questions to understand your situation more accurately. What kind of ceiling does the company's building have? Is it a tiled drop ceiling or a fixed ceiling? Also, are you hanging more than one light (for 3-point lighting) and how permanent will this installation be? Does the company need to be able to take the lights down or use the room for other uses?





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