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      It there a softbox/umbrella-softbox solution for both photography and videography?

      I would like to utilize the spftbox for photography and videography when needed. The umbrella-softbox/softbox need to be able to handle heat, of course!

      What are my options?


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      Apologies for jumping in on your thread, but I am in the same situation as you – and didn’t want to start a new thread and water down the response. I would also like to buy a light that is good for taking full body portraits at home, that i can also for video. One side of my room has two quite medium sized windows bringing in light, though it is often a dull cloudy light. I was thinking i could maybe position my subjects sideways to the windows and then use one key light on their other side to balance out the shadows… if anyone could please suggest a good all in one solution under $150 i would appreciate the advice…. I’ve been looking at a 2 soft box setup with 2 x 135W lights, would this work better or would one strong key be enough?

      The type of photos and video will be glamor-ous πŸ˜‰

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