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      My wife and I have started creating hiking videos, and we're planning to shoot in our local wilderness parks. To shoot there, we need to get filming permits. Most permits require a $1M commercial liability policy, with an insurance certificate issued to the governmental body issuing the permit. 

      Our personal insurance won't suffice, because personal policies don't allow for issuing insurance certificates. We have to get a commercial policy, but we don't want to pay what a big production house would pay. So, here are our questions:

      1) Are there any commercial policies that are tailored to the needs of a small shop?

      2) Can anyone refer us to a broker (preferably in Southern California) who can help

      set us up[ with an appropriate policy?

      We're pretty new to the insurence end of this business, so any information is appreciated. 

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      AvatarLaguna Hiker

      I did some additional research and found an agent in Chicago with a specialty in videography– Buell Insurance ( Can't vouch for them at this point, but they seem knowledgeable. They have theft/casualty, liability, and E&O. I'll update this post with our experience if we end up working with them.

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      Try Hartford Insurance by contacting an independent agent. That is the company insuring us and equipment.

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