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      Alright so as we all know, the GoPro 3 (or just the gopro in general) is probably the most used camera for action sports out there. My company has done some recent tests with the gopro 2 and we've noticed when we mount it to our cars, not only do we get a lot of wind noise, but it shakes a lot. We used the gopro mount, the gopro case, and then we did a ghetto rig to our camera mounts with no case, but alas, same amount of shake and wind noise in both…for the most part.
      We are currently using Race Optic POV "bullet style" cameras…they don't shake with our mounts, the audio quality is great and the remote allows us to look at the videos right infront of us without having to turn our heads. The remotes have every feature we need, on them. There's a lot of great features in this camera:
      Unfortunately, they went out of business. We can hardly find them anymore. We also had some issues with them overheating on us and breaking, but that wouldn't stop us from using them again…but anyways.
      My question to you guys out there is:
      Whats the best action sports camera that you've delt with? 
      How is the audio? How is the video?
      Does it produce loud wind noise?
      How easy and quick is it to take the SD /micro SD card out of the machine? With a case on it, is it harder? Does the case protect the audio quality better?
      Please keep in mind we are going to be recording straight to a memory card and giving it to those who come to do our event. We will not be burning the files to a disk, so this is something to keep in mind as well. These memory cards must record in a function that most people now adays can play in their home on their computer on software such as VLC…or even put the memory card right into their TV and play it. We are looking to keep it under $500/camera.
      Thanks for the help
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      I placed a small thin piece of foam over the little holes for the mic on my old GoPro. It cut back the wind noise quite a bit. I use them on 410 Outlaw Sprint cars.


      I think you might want to check out contour.com. They are the latest great thing and they are more sturdy than a GoPro. I like it better and it is pretty good in low light.

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      Yes, what dagunner said. I have 3 Contour Roams at my disposal, and 1 GP hero. I prefer the Contours hands down, yes, GoPro has a larger market, i say thats because of advertising. The contours are sleek, cylindrical cameras that have an adjustable lense, say if you mount the cam at an angle, you can rotate the lense so your shooting level. On top of that, there is a little laser light that you can turn on so you can check leveling. The list of pros goes on and on in my book. 


      Although they do not have the snapshot option. So its just video. but excellent video. I use them on Drift cars, and yes, you get a good amount of wind noise, but when a car is doing 60+ do you expect none at all?

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      To me it seems like the quality of the newwest GoPro Black Edition is better than any Contour I've seen. What do you guys think?


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      I had a rig for my older Sony MiniDv camcorder that I used prior to the purchase of a GoPro 2.  It has ‘image stabilization’ that buffered the inevitable Harley Davidson vibrations that I use these for, but obviously not even the ballpark of video quality.  Not sure how the Sony Action Cams with ‘image stabilization’ work in that challenging of an environment.


      I wouldn’t call myself the world’s biggest fan of the GoPro company, but even my Hero 2 is pretty remarkable for what it is in terms of video quality in my opinion.  Yes, the vibrations are horrible and I would love to see better mounting solutions.  Yes, the sound is dominated by wind noise – which doesn’t seem all that abnormal to me considering it’s getting blasted by the wind at 60, 70+ miles per hour.  The Hero 3 is supposed to be improved I understand.   


      It seems like the market for these is pretty hot right now.  I wouldn’t be surprised by what innovations come, but I’m not in any hurry to go out and buy the next generation of any of them personally for whatever marginal improvement there might be for the cost (Yes, usable 2K and 60P 1080p is *cool*, but not another $400 cool for me personally).  I would have realistic expectations of what the raw video and sound from anything is going to be like too and not expect that anything will produce a masterpiece without some post editing applied. 


      Mounting options seem to me to be where I’d like to see innovation in dampening the vibrations for my personal use. 

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