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      Zone X Productions is a web based corporate branding and Marketing Solutions Company in Atlanta, Georgia . We are specialized in high quality video editing, search engine friendly websites and E-commerce solutions.

      High Quality Video Production
      Clean Clut Video Edits
      Done In A Reasonable Time
      Audio Mixer Included
      Perfect For Mobile Devices
      Affordable & Based On Your Budget
      Excellent Production For Music Videos

      What’s Your Goal?
      It’s important that we have a clear goal in mind before we start editing your videos. Are you trying to drive direct conversions to your product or service? Increase customer retention? Improve brand recognition and reputation? Educate a viewer about your product and its features? Once we’ve established a goal, our team of experts will edit your video based on your vision whether its adding audio or extra clips we are the right company for you.

      Who’s Your Audience?
      Having that clear goal in mind will help us identify your core audience. Our advice is this: envision your audience as a single person and build an identity around that person. Is it a creative type who values production quality and technique? Or is it a businessperson who just wants the bottom line upfront? Perhaps a teenager with a limited attention span who is looking for a quick laugh? By envisioning your audience, we can put parameters around your video needs and start building the story that works best for your idea. Additionally, by defining the goal and audience in advance, we’ve greatly reduced the chances of budget and time overruns. It’s sort of the “measure twice, cut once’ approach.

      Believe us when we say that we could spend all day (and we have) explaining the incredible value of crafting the perfect marketing video. When it’s done right, your business will never be the same.​

      Visit our website at http://zonexproduction.at.ua/index/video_editors/0-49

      Here examples of some of our work/projects we did:

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      er, you do know you spelled your company name prouctions in the last clip?

      Your showreels are a bit odd. Lots of strange movements and jump edits and soft focus. To be very honest, I wasn’t impressed at all – sorry.

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