Lens recommendation for Lumix G7 for video stabilization?

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      Hi everyone, I just bought the G7 and I love it! I love the quality and I LOVE how it performs in low light. Exactly what I was looking for.

      I’m using it for video with the 42mm kit lens but the only issue is, when filming, it looks very shaky if you hold it your hand.

      What can I do to stabilize this? Is there a lens that performs just like this but better and with image stabilization? I’m still a newbie. Thanks!

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                   Quality lenses, these days don't come cheap, so have you considered using your current lens, since it seems to be generally satisfactory, but instead, stabilising those shots which call for it, 'in-post'. I have been using 'Mercalli-4' (Pro-DAD – Germany) for some time now and after a few basic skills have been mastered, I have found it to be almost indispensible. Although I shoot from a tripod with a fluid head, most of my shots, being of wildlife, must be taken at or near the extreme telephoto end of my shooting capacity, which means a great many unsteady shots. It may be 'thinking outside the square' somewhat, to use this approach, but 'Mercalli 4' has an arsenal of different settings to deal with all sorts of stabilisation issues, is able to put out high quality footage, and as a bonus, minimises the effects of that perennial curse, the roller shutter 'wobble' prevelant in so many consumer-level camcorders, if that is required. Try it, you may be pleasantly surprised.

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