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      Evening everyone (from the UK),

      I am filming outside with my Panasonic Lumix G7 so I wish to get some filters to help me combat the effects of harsh sunlight from the midday sun.

      I was wondering if lens filters are specific, general or can be both?

      Thank you for your time and help,


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      AvatarSpace Racer

      You don’t need filters you need diffusers to shade your subject; they are a big square or rectangle of white fabric on a frame that you put between your subject in the sun. In the movie industry they’re called silks or butterflies and they come in sizes from about 2 x 2 to 12 x 12

      However if you really think you need filters, search for what is called a low contrast filter, they’re expensive but they come in different strengths depending on how much you need to cut the contrast

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