LED v Fluorescent or Blend for Studio?

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      I'm a teacher building a high school TV studio. Roughly 32'X20'. Two sets. News and Interview. I've got roughly $75K to spend on lighting gear and install.  What's my best bet…LED, Fluorescent, or a blend of the two?

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      Wow!  Congratulations on having a very, very nice budget for lighting.  I generally prefer florecent lights but I would probably go with LEDs given the lower cost of maintenance and greater durability.  

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      LED, and def don't mix. So many decent products there now – just don't forget that if you need true hard sources, LED can be VERY expensive – for floods and softs they are much more modestly priced – but a a Fresnel or profile (ellipsoidal) replacement is not cheap at all!

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      We regularly mix LED and Kinos and while the characteristics of the two styles are different, I find they can work together quite nicely.  


Viewing 3 reply threads
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