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      Any suggestions on sites for lead generation or passive videographer / video production gigs.  I know of Thumbtack and I get stuff here and there from Yelp.  It would be cool if I could find like 2 or 3 more good sites of this type for getting gigs.  Its cool to have these little video projects in between doing stuff for my bigger clients.


      Any suggestions or experience would be greatly appreciated.  Anything besides Craigslist or Mandy.  Not looking for a bunch of broke film students looking for a free crew LOL.

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      I agree with ya, I really have fun with the small production internet stuff. It adds a lot of variety to things and is a great source of practice. I haven't had a whole lot of luck on the internet with getting gig's, it's just getting to flooded by the sites where people will do things for 5 bucks and such.


      My best luck has been networking with marketing groups/people in my area. When they run across people looking for such work they direct them to me if they think it fits.  

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      Why not build a website for yourself and get it ranked on the first page of Google for local search?

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