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Lav Mic w/ standalone Digital Recorder

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    Hi, this is my first post. I recently started a YouTube channel, and realized that iPhone audio isn't exactly the best. The videos we take are of social expirements. We go up to people at random, and do a random awkward thing. This is where I am having trouble. I can't have a boom mic hanging over the 'unsuspecting person' for obvious reasons. So I am left with either a wireless or wired lav mic. I have heard of people plugging lav mics into standalone sound recorders and getting good results, but was unsure of two thing: will it pick up a second subject who is about 3 feet (at max) away from the mic, ad what combination of sound recorder with mic would work best. Of course I in the edifying process would line up the audio and video. 

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    Hi lhlal – welcome to the Videomaker forum! I recommend a $142 Sony ECM-AW3 Bluetooth wireless mic/receiver set.  If concealed properly, it should do the job.


    Here is a demonstration of what it can do:



    Hope this is helpful and best of the holidays,



    Hybrid Camera Revolution

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    Usually, when hanging a lav on a subject the objective is to get the mic as close as practical to the mouth of the subject. In your case, you'd do well to place the mic closer to your waist so that there isn't such a drastic volume difference between you and the person you're shooting.


    Rick Crampton

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    Thankyou all very much for the recommendations. I think I will probably go with the Sony ECM. I looked into it a bit more and for its price, it beats out the other competition I have seen. Thanks once again.

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