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      Hello forum!
      Hope all is well and glad to be back.

      I wanted to share my latest video and would like people to comment on it. Yes, I'm still doing video, learning, getting better, and SOMETIMES getting paid.

      I know the microphone volume is bad. I'm going to add another post about buying a good / in expensive microphone for my interviews… Other than that please comment on it.



      Thank you!

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      A few thoughts: The simple white lettering on black background during the title sequence seems weak when compared to the rest of the higher-quality aspects of the video. I like the interspersing of pitches and the silent clips to break it up (for example, the raffle drawing). Camera height needed to be adjusted for subject height (compare the businesswoman ~4:40 vs. the businessman ~5:00). Finally, it would be a bit of extra work, but adding the individual's name, website/email/phone in the bottom-third could go a long way in improving the communication value. Best!
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      Hi Luke – I'd agree with VideoTom's thoughts, esp. adding some sort of lower third titles for each person, if only the person's name and website, since it's an online video.


      A few other thoughts:


      – I recommend using short (maybe 15fr) audio dissolves on all standup clips that precede or procede silence. While overall production quality is good, having audio that cuts in and out caught my attention – which it shouldn't have.


      – When the dialogue tracks go silent, I recommend to mix the music hotter by 4-6db. That way it feels like it’s on purpose "and now a musical interlude while the raffle goes down" instead of “oh we just don’t have any sound here, and the music will continue in the background…” – then you can duck the music back down when dialogue re-enters.


      – The lady at 3.20 looked like she didn't know if she should speak to camera or not… she kind of switched back and forth. Maybe in the future you could give her another take and say "make sure to speak right into the camera the whole time."


      You have some good things going here – keep it up!


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      I thought the video looked great and the microphone quality didn't bother me, it was crowded and noisey so we should expect noise in the background. In addition to what was mentioned, there was a flash frame of an image that lasted maybe half a second at around 20 seconds. I would bring the music volume up when no one is talking.

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      Thank you video TOM.

      If you ever have a video for me to watch send it over!

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