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      Hello everyone,

      Hope all are well.


      Here is my latest video I want to share with everyone. Enjoy!

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      You've come a long way Luke, nice work!

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      Thanks to this video, I now know there is a technique to eating sushi! I really like your opening titles and graphics too – colors and fonts really work well! Great video!

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      Man, i've been off the forums for a while, and I come back and did a double take.  I second the other kudos, and agree with Woody Sanford.  You sure have come a long way in a short time!  This is top notch. Good lighting (and a difficult place to work in light-wise, I bet).  I really liked it.  My only "issue" (and this is minimal, but I don't want to just say hey it was great without offering ANYTHING constructive, in case you want something constructive…) is that the handheld mic looked out of place at first when you're by yourself and during the meal, but worked great for the interview sequence.  Maybe use a lapel for the first shot outside the restaurant, and a hidden mic or boom for the meal?  Either way the audio was good, though, and that's really important.  Like I said, it was top notch.  You even looked like you liked the sushi!  πŸ™‚

Viewing 3 reply threads
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