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      Sorry for a long post!
      I am a Youtuber that post videos of me when i sit a talk to the camera indoors. The lighting is not very good, no studio light´s used. Will maybe buy later. I take some pictures too sometimes. I am mostly 2 meters away from the camera. I have only used action cameras and point and shoots before. This is my first DSLR so I´m sorry if my questions annoy a professional. The camera i have looked at is the 5 year old Canon Rebel t2i/550D (body only). The reason this camera got my attention is that it has a mic jack, it´s affordable and I heard that the Rebel series is great. Is it bad to get a old camera? Should I get a body that´s not so old? If you are recommending a body then it needs to have a mic jack and hot shoe.
      For the lens i have looked at the Canon 50mm f/i.8 STM
      It´s a prime lens, heard that it´s the best for the type of videos that I´m doing. Does it work with the t2i? And if so can I use it to it´s full potential? Is it bad to use an new lens with an old body? Also, can you recommend some good guides/tutorials for DSLR´s? How is the video quality with these two products?
      So many questions!

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      For YouTube that setup works perfectly. I had a T2i for a few years and it served me well. I used the 50mm 1.8 almost exclusively, even paired with a 7D on a full length motion picture. Paired with a Rode Video Mic/Pro it works great. Hope this helps.

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