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      New to this forum, this question might of been asked hundreds of times but I couldn't find anything recent, 


      im going to record some gaming footage from a capture card elgato hd60 and  going to upload them to YouTube as a bit of a hobby, but the laptop I have now takes about 6 days to open google. So I'm going to be recording HD quality and doing voice overs and editing it in sony Vegas. 


      What at should I look for in a laptop or desktop to make this a lot easier for myself. any help is appreciated please try to keep your reply worded for a 8 yr old as I know nothing about PC's. 




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    I use Vegas Pro, too, and like you I am no techie. You can do what I did… I just took the system requirements from the software box to my local computer store and told the sales rep “I need a computer that can handle this.” I had previously figured that if I got a laptop with the fastest Intel chip that I’d be fine. Turns out that the $2000 Toshiba laptop I bought had an insufficient graphics card and Toshiba doesn’t configure its laptops to swap out graphics cards. So when I went with the software system requirements in hand, I ended up with a fantastic desktop with new after market “guts” that is fast as hell, never hangs up when rendering video and hasn’t let me down yet (fingers crossed!)

  • Viewing 1 reply thread
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