Laptop for Video Editing 1080p & 4K ?

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      Hi guys,
      I just bought this laptop for Video editing Medion Erazer X7853 and I was wondering what do you think about it, the specs looks good the only think that I’m consern about is the brand “Medion”. I paid 1500 pounds at Argos but same one cost 2000 pounds in pc word. 2 weeks ago I returnet 2000 pounds SMI laptop due to having many problems with it so incuding no gtx1080 gpu detected by the system at all, now I decided to give this one a chance I but will receive it next week so I still nedd to wait to check it my self.
      I will need this laptop to run :
      Davinci Resolve 14 + Fusion Free version
      Hit Film 4 Pro
      and maybe in the future if one of the above is no good to me I will try Adobe Premiere Pro + AE
      at this stage of my business I mainly use Sony Vegas Pro and working mainly with full HD files but hoping to get in to 4K once this one arrives, I know that this laptop does not have a 4K screen but i don’t really need one to edit 4k files plus, I can always connect external 4k monitor in the future right?

      What do you think guys, did I do a right think getting this laptop for my needs or was it stupid decision
      thanks in advance

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      thank you

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      You can edit anything on a Laptop, the Problem arrives when push the render Button and the laptop turns into Paperweight for several hours depending on the file size your rendering and effects added to the Clip.
      Laptops have no where near the Power a Proper Desktop decked out for Video Editing does with Dual Graphics Cards and a Surround Sound Audio card installed in it.

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      You may need one 4K video converter, i use Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate, sometimes, i can’t import the video to NLE softwrae or I am not too satisfied with the output video formats, I can choose the video format i like in this software.

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      DaVinci Resolve requires plenty of computing power. This computer appears to have enough in that department. Do be aware that the free version of Resolve can edit 4k but cannot render it as an output. This is only available in the paid Studio version. As to drives, you have a choice between SSDs or spinners. I use Western Digital Black 7200rpm drives.

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      Asus VivoBook Pro laptop will be a nice option for editing video. The laptop is not much pricey and you can use all video editing softwares on it without facing any hassle. It is also considered as one of the best video editing laptop.

      Best Laptop for Video Editing: Cheap and Affordable Laptops for Video Editors

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      Mr. Dave Van De Cappelle
      I’m having trouble with being able to post a subject on this site so I’ll try to ask you!
      what is the drive requirement for editing avchd, h.264, .mts, .m2ts, 1920x1080p, 30fps. video?

      Thank You In Advance!!!

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      Sund – The computer is use has an Asus P6P87 Motherboard, an Intel I7 Processor, 2 4G Graphics cards, hooked by SLI cable, 64 GB RAM and 12 GB hard Drive space over 4 drives. The Operating System on this is Linux Mint 18.2 Sonya Cinnamon. I use Kdenlive as my Main video editing Program.
      I also Have KINO, a video editing Program, I use that program to capture the Videos from my MiniDV tape Cameras
      I also Have Lightworks and Openshot to work with. All these Programs and MY OS are free to download and use.
      I built this computer from scratch.

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