Lapel Microphone with a Digital Audio Recorder?

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      I am looking for a device that would look a lot like the microphone and transmitter portion of a wireless microphone system.
      Instead of the transmitter unit there would be a smaller digital recorder.
      For wedding videography I put a traditional wireless lapel microphone on the groom and connect the receiver to my camcorder.
      Sometime there is noise and/or cutouts in the audio from this system.
      I know it is possible to take a digital audio recorder (DAR) and connect a pre-amped lapel microphone to it but the DAR has a useless microphone on it and  the pre-amped lapel microphone is heavy and clumsy.
      All this has to be stuffed into the groom's pocket.
      It would be great if there were a plain wire lapel microphone and a small recorder unit that you could set to record and let the groom go about unencumbered before the ceremony.
      During editing you can sync the groom's audio with the ceremony video if you have remembered get the system back from him. 
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      Hi flbreen –


      There are at least two inexpensive options for solving your problem.  You can either:


      1. Buy something like this $60 Aspen Mics HQ-S Stereo Lavalier Microphone plus an $87 Tascam DR-05 recorder.  You can wire your groom with the lav and put the recorder in his pocket – or 


      2. You can buy the $70 Aspen Lavalier with a TRRS breakout cable for iOS and Android devices, plug it into your smartphone and record to a free app such as Rode Rec LE (or the Android equivalent).


      These videos from emm at Cheesycam convinced me of the quality of the Aspen/phone combo:











      Here is how a lav/phone combo can be helpful on the set (examples are for the more expensive Rode SmartLav, but they make the point for the entire lav/phone category):











      In my view, this is the least expensive way to get high quality dual system sound.


      Hope this is helpful!



      Hybrid Camera Revolution





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      I read online about a portable voice recorder (MemoQ) that some use for video making. It has the size of a usb stick and a clip on. The portability of the thing is perfect. I made a quick comparison video in different sound settings for the MemoQ recorder you’re talking about here and the SmartLav from Rode that you plug into your phone.

      Hope this helps other people. Thanks!

      MemoQ used: MR-740 4GB (

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