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      I am interested in this camera.  I'll be using it in a sort of mixed environment;  sometimes run and gun, sometimes in more deliberate set-ups.  I would love to get a zoom for it, not so much to actually zoom, but to use as a vari-focal.  However, I can see times when I might need to have a servo.  Are there any Canon lenses out there that I could attach some form of servo to? (I'm going to scrape the MFT mount and use EF, instead)  I'm an old film guy and wonder if there isn't something akin to a Microforce for them?  Thanks.

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      Hi overeasy – Instead of converting your LS300 to EF mount, you might be better off using the MFT mount that comes with the camera and adapting it to a servo zoom with a $90 B4 to MFT adapter.


      With something like this ~$500 B4 servo zoom (with 2X extender) and a $124 external power supply, you'll have a parfocal power zoom for not a lot of money.


      Here is a picture of a Fujinon on a MFT mount Panasonic AG-AF100 camera:







      Adapting the lens mount once (e.g., MFT to B4)  will save you the time and trouble of having to adapt it twice (e.g., MFT to EF, EF to B4).


      You may also want to look at the possibility of using Panasonic MFT power zoom lenses (e.g., the $350 14-42mm PZ and $379 45-175mm PZ) since, according to JVC's LS300 brochure, "[t]he mount’s electrical connections are compatible with many auto focus, iris and power zoom lenses…"


      Canon EF mount large sensor Cine Servo zooms, on the other hand, are outrageously expensive – almost 10 times the cost of the LS300.


      It seems to me that, if you want a servo zoom lens for your LS300, MFT mount is the most flexible and least expensive way to get there.


      Hope this is helpful and good luck with the new camera!



      Hybrid Camera Revolution


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      Bill – Thanks for the helpful reply.  Really appreciate it!  I think I'll want to get a demo before moving forward, but if I went with both of the zooms you sourced, I think I'd be covered, millimeter-wise.  The broadcast adaptor is also an interesting idea, as there have to be a million older lens floating around the marketplacee.  However, I wonder if an older SD broadcast lens will map to the HD space?  I suppose that's a question for JVC!


      Again, thank!



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      When at NAB, I first went to the Panasonic Booth to look for the rumored LX200.

      Instead I found what appears to be a better CamCorder in the JVC booth.

      Four things that keep me from pulling the trigger.

      1. Price

      2. Better than 4/3 Sensor but still borderline low light capability with one native ISO of 200.

      3. Pricey, low capacity batteries.

      4. Using only 80% of the Sensor for my Lumix lens.

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      I'm needing to find a well priced MFT lens for the LS300 which supports powered zoom and focus, I'm getting a little lost as this isn't my speciality, so if anyone can offer any suggestions I would be very grateful.

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      Panasonic makes great little lens. The 14-42 and 45-175 are PowerZoom lens,  but both have variable aperture which could be a problem.

      I would get one of the manual Rokinon or an adapter and use my Nikkors, because I have to shoot in poor/low light.


      Untill I was "really" into Video, I always used AutoFocus and often still do with my GH4, but there is no duplicating the control of manual settings.


      If you must get a PowerZoom, I would either get it  from B&H or Amazon because they both have "no quivel" return policies.

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