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      as I derive from Photo world just starting with camera I have some questions regarding the settings on my JVC camera. Actually there are two different environments where I use the camera.
      One is shooting (livestreaming) sport and other is a studio use (green screen).
      Is there any tweaks (knee, gamma, wdr, …) to shoot hockey?

      I have a bright surface with players skating around. The problem is that arenas (ice rinks) does not have proper lightning and there is some flickering involved if I go under 1/100 with shutter speed then I would like to get best/highest dynamic range out of it. What settings would you suggest? I shoot mostly y<out ice hockey, where players have guards on the helms, and I would want to have their faces behind as bright as possible, without over exposing the ice. I know there can much be achieved during post production, but I do not do that since we are a livestream oriented.

      studio (green screen):
      Which settings are important for the best chroma keying on the fly without post production? There are so many settings, I could try trial/error way with different settings, but my question is if there are any guidelines for this camera or other video world gear?
      I do a green screen livestreams as well, so no post production is involved.

      I hope my questions are not too dumb. I really appreciate any help or time you will spend for me.

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