JVC GZ-MC 100e won’t turn on after modification

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      Hello, I need expert help. I recently decided to remove optical filters from my camcorder. Removing IR filter was no problem. But I wanted to go further and remove also color filter array. I heated and removed glass, filled small golden wires with epoxy and tried to clean away Bayer filter. Acetone didnt dissolve it so tried to scrape it off with blade. After examining with microscope I discovered that blade also couldnt even scratch CFA layer. I decided to assembly camcorder again. But now it didnt turn on at all. Battery was fully charged. I dont think that I broke something else than ccd module I wanted to ask could this damage be caused by heat to the CCD chip or microcapacitors on module? If damage was caused to only to CCD chip I could just replace it and maybe find monochrome version.

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