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      First thing; thanks for any and all advice forthcoming. Here’s my issue, I’m trying to connect a JVC 750U to a Dell M6500 laptop via Firewire for the purpose of using the laptop to stream the feed. The laptop recognizes the camera in the Devices/Printers folder but I cannot see the feed from the camera to the laptop. Do I need something like the Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle to encode the video signal to a format the camera will recognize or is a piece of software needed to display the feed? Hopefully I’ve explained the issue concisely. Again thanks

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    I have the same camera at work but I’m on vacation so I can’t verify my suggestion.
    Set the camera shooting mode to SD instead of HD and see if that works.
    If it doesn’t, ask your question on the only decent forum I’ve found for this and similar JVC cameras.


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    Try installing VMix. There is a free version available, http://www.vmixhd.com/download.aspx which I’ve used with my Panasonic HPX370 and it works well.

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