JVC GY-HM150 still worth buying?

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      I'm looking for a new camcorder for my next vacation to the USA (Vegas, national parks, LA, SF). 
      Currently I own a Canon HF-10 which is very nice but a bit too small for my taste and really a missing a grip on top of the camera in a lot of situations.
      I've always liked the JVC GY-HM150 for its size, manual controls and the detachable handle and the workflow (I'm using Final Cut Pro X). 
      Is this camera still worth buying despite it's age? How's the (improved?) Rotary Optical Image Stabiliser on this camera? Or should I be looking at a different camera in the same price-range? 
      Thanx for your help,
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      If you don't need broadcast video, why not? It shoots great video, very crisp image and good color. We'd all like 3 big chips, but the 1/4 inch CCD's in the 100 & 150 do a good job. Nice controls and portability. XLR jacks for your mic(s). Good audio controls.I think they're a fine choice. EvanG

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