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      Hi, i'm a musician and trying to learn dslr video. After purchasing my rebel t5i recently, I shot my first music video and edited. I thought my musician friend had a great song and we wanted to shoot an amateur clip.

      I'm just getting into the dslr video and don't know too much as far as cameras and lenses. i decided to signed up here to get feedback and to look for tips to get better. could you guys take some minutes to watch my video and tell me how good or bad i'm doing?

      My first music video (I am not the musician):

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      You did a  good job on this video. The only thing I really didn't like was the maybe 30 seconds where you zoomed in (whip zoom) quickly. That kinda made me dizzy and it is used to call attention to something usually. Though I didn't know what the song was about, visually, I liked the video.

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      Yea I think  you did good in this video, and this was your first video?

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