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      Hi guys,

      I’ve started working as a runner yesterday (London) at a editing agency and I really couldn’t stand in.

      I was hired as a freelancer. The shifts are all 8AM-6PM and… there’s nothing to do. The only thing I did all day was to make some coffee, toast and bring bananas to the sound studio. Really depressing.

      I was asking everyone to give me something to do. Anything. They were all like “we usually don’t have that much to do around here. it’s just the way it is”. The worst thing was that I couldn’t even sit or work on my own stuff while there was nothing to do (which is a pretty normal thing to do in an ad agency), because “editors don’t like to see us doing nothing. just pretend you’re working at all times”.

      All the runners there told me that they are already working in the agency for two years and the only thing they did so far was to became really good at making toasts, tea and coffee.

      I don’t know if it was the right choice to left the job, but I used to work in advertising and this looked like going back 1000 steps backwards.
      I also don’t understand why editors needs someone to make their coffee, toast etc. In all the advertising agencies I’ve worked you would just go and grab your own food. It’s also a nice feeling to go for a walk and eat something. I don’t know if I would stand someone knocking at my door every hour to ask me if I need food/drinks.

      What should I do? I’m starting to think I should keep working on my projects and find a job as a junior editor. Is that possible?

      Thank you!

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