joining MTS files

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I shoot long form events (an hour plus) on Canon consumer camcorders which generates MTS files. The length of the file depends on the compression

A one hour take will get split into 3 or 4 seperate files. When laid end to end on the timeline there is a glitch where they meet. Seems the problem is because of the 4 gig file limit of SD cards.This is not a new or isolated problem. Some day a geek of change that but in the meanwhile my question can I seamlessly merge / join these file so they play as one long, flawlessly merged file?

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I've done it with MPEGStreamclip. I used to shoot with a camera that split video shots every two minutes! 


Just drag and drop the all the files together onto the screen and then export. It's free to download here:

Mike Wilhelm

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I just installed MPEGStreamclip and it does not recognize MTS files.

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Hey Jakeman,


Mike's right. In addition, you can also use the software that comes with any AVCHD camcorder to peice your files together. Also, QuickTime Pro also joins multiple video files (including MTS with the Perian plugin and the MPEG Component) into a .mov.


As you know, the files lose a few frames of video between each file due to the way MPEG recording works. MPEG Long GOP puts frames into a "Group of Pictures" usually of 12-15 frames each. If your recording medium stops writing a video file before the 12-15 frame group has been made, you could lose the frames it recorded before becoming a group or GOP. However, there is metadata associated with the clip that will instruct smart software how to join the two clips properly without losing any frames. The one Mike mentioned can do it, most software that comes with a camcorder can do it, and if you import your footage straight from the same folder structure it was written to in Adobe Premiere, you can keep these frames too. 


Hopefully that helps!



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Jakeman, try SolveigMM Video Splitter.
Editing frame accuracy within GOP.


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if you need to edit the video before converting, this MTS Video Converter is also a good helper which provides not only convert MTS to AVI, WMV, MKV, MP4, 3GP, 3G2, but also plentiful editing functions including cropping video dimension, trimming file length, adjust playing effects, etc.

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I have used a file joiner (free) from Igorware

I do a lot of long shoots with files broken into 3 to 5 pieces.

File Joiner will take the files right from the camera and join them into a file that you can give a new name. (don't forget to include the MTS extension on the new file name)

This software has worked perfectly for my work for the past 2 years.


Hope that helps


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Most camcorders some with a utility that allows you to do exactly what you want to do. If you can't find it, check the Canon site for it.



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almsot all the video converter in the market can do such a job ,still you can try free mts/m2ts converter from pav, I found in App Store. But it only get the Mac verison. One thing I like it is it's free and almost all the formats can be converted to. 

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Joining MTS videos seamlessly is quite easy indeed, all you need is some video joiner software programs that are compatible with MTS video format. Or if you don't want to install extra programs on your computer, utilizing some free online solutions is also a good choice. There are many online services can be used to do that. Here is a video introducing some free joining tools, both running on PC or Mac, along with a detailed tutorial teaching you how to do use them:

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Using an old Everio video cam in DVD mode - when it segments MTS files into 4.7 GB pieces, there's an audio/video unaligned offset between the pieces. Over last couple of years, I tried multiple programs to attempt reconnecting those offset pieces - Magix, Premiere, Vegas Pro, etc etc... I tried a *ton* of free stuff - AvideMux, eac3to, txMuxeR, Pavtube, Lehmann Video Tool, etc etc - some open source. Nothing worked. Not even the software that came with it (GZ-E306BU). Even tried the DOS 'copy' command. It still kept the A/V unaligned offset. Finally tried File Joiner (free, in 64-bit and 32-bit versions), mentioned 4 years ago by Claude Massicotte in this thread:

It actually worked! The video and audio were reconnected seamlessly. Hopefully of use to someone.

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I have one small panasonic consumer handicam I use for lock off shots where space is tight. I leave it on record, and it's never occurred to me to even think about joining files up. I edit multicam in premiere, and have always just grabbed the files and put them as one clump onto the time line. No dropped frames or glitches ever? I didn't realise everyone found the small file sizes a problem?

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First time poster:
I have a Canon camcorder Vixia HF R300. I record in AVCHD. The recording is automatically chopped into 20-minute segments. The Canon manual [page 135] states:
"With the supplied software ... Transfer Utility (HF R300 only) you can also choose to save complete stories from the gallery. In such case, all the scenes in the story will be merged and saved as a single video file."
I tried this, but it just saved each segment as an MTS file of approx 20-minute duration into the same file folder. It did not merge the segments into a "single video file".
Am I not understanding something? Does the phrase "complete stories from the gallery" NOT refer to the multiple 20-min segments? Does it really mean multiple separate recordings - and NOT multiple MTS segments of one "continuous" recording activity?
If anyone has actually figured out how to use the Canon camcorder with its Transfer Utility software on a Windows computer in a way that results in all the (MTS) segments merged into one continuous AVCHD video, I would greatly appreciate any guidance you can provide!

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I have no experience with the Canon MTS files.
I still use the file joiner software that I mentioned earlier for my Panasonic MTS files.
I recently got a camera that records MOV files and those files don't need to be joined.
If you put files end to end on the timeline and there is a stutter in the audio/video at the joint, the files need to be joined.
Give file joiner a try, it is really quite simple.
Hope that helps.