I’ve started making short films.. feedback?

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      I've just started making some little 1:00 videos. I've just finished a little video i've been working on.. if you're interested here's the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qd2Z-QwHbQ


      I would just love some feedback. I know it's nowhere near proffesional or very original. But it's something I enjoy doing and really want to improve on.. πŸ™‚ i'm hoping in the future I can become much better, when i'm able to save up for better editing software and camera. Feedback is what helps me alot, so anything said is greatly appreciated.

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      Not bad, a little creep factor to it. The only things I would suggest is to shorten the sky shot and the black shot, a little too long, people will bail on the video. I would also suggest when you transform her in the mirror to make the last shot of it a touch longer or switch back in forth between the two. The music worked well with it.


      Keep shooting



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      I agree with Charles.  The shot of her in the mirror could have been just a fraction longer, while a few of the scenes from the beginning of the video could be shorter.  For example, the shot of the water just before it went to black and to the mirror shot, in my opinion, was too long. I almost bailed on it in the first 20 seconds or so, but it got better as it went along, so I'm glad I didn't.  The music was very good with it.  Work on pacing, but the shots were good, editing was good.

      Practice makes perfect. 



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      Don't use cross fades uless you really have to. Don't be afraid of getting close ups. Get in to her eyes. Most importantly carry on doing what you're doing and have fun.

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      Nice one, I liked a mood and will add my two cents to suggestions – try to use vivid colors, or change the color temperature to emphasize the mood of the film.

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      By the way, where did you get background music?

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