I’ve got a low budget…Need a Camera for music videos

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      I'm new here, and i have a pretty unique situation.  I'm a music artist and I do a lot of my work via youtube videos.  My old camera was terrible and is now broken, so I'm in the market for something else now. 


      My situation: I have experience with editing and filming.  I am no expert but I know my way around some of the terminology.  If I go the DSLR route, my father has a very nice Nikkor AFS 24-75mm lens he offered to let me use.  However, from my readings I have heard DSLR and Nikon especially may not be the way to go for amatuer film.  Right now I am leaning towards a camcorder.


      My budget: $300 is my limit unfortunately and I'm not afraid to buy used on ebay.

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      The best value for your money is going to be a large sensor APS-C camera on closeout, like the Canon EOS M or Samsung NX1100.


      I recommend something like a Canon EOS M body for less than $300 from eBay or Amazon with an inexpensive $14.39 Nikon to EF-M adapter and your Dad's lens.


      To make the Nikkor work with the EOS M, the shutter has to be enabled to work even with the lens off.  This setting is found in the .pdf version of the user's manual (EOS_M_EN_001.pdf, Chapter 10 "Customizing the Camera", Custom Function Settings, p 287, C.Fn-7).


      With the EOS M, you can produce results like this:














      Alternatively, you can get a Samsung NX1100 body for $265.59 from Amazon and a $19.57 Nikon to Samsung adapter.


      Like the EOS M, this camera has a large APS-C sensor and a 3.5mm jack for a mic input (make sure to get the NX1100, not the NX1000, which has no mic input).  Unlike the EOS M, the NX1100 has great Samsung wi-fi connectivity for wireless transfer of your videos to YouTube, Facebook or your computer.


      Here is the image quality you can expect from the Samsung NX1000 series:







      This camera is another good value for your money.
      But unless you really need wi-fi connectivity, the Canon EOS M is probably the better choice – especially with free Magic Lantern firmware, which you can read about here.
      Hope this is helpful!
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