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      I was at a sporting goods store this past weekend and at the store try had a picture scene where you actually stood on a dock and canvas mural was surrounding you, to make it look like you were out on a dock on a lake, and hen you took these paddle that were labeled with different types of fish. Then they had a small camera that would replace the paddle with the specific title of fish that was on the paddle and displayed it on monitor. I was wondering how they did this. They had 3diffent type of fish one was a bass another was a shark. Does anybody know. Nothing was green or blue ether

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      Without seeing the effect I can only guess as to how it was done. Sounds like they used some specialized equipment. The paddles were probably electronically tagged and sensors were used to not only identify what the paddle represented but also its position in space and maybe even its orientation. A computer would take this data and then superimpose an image of the appropriate fish over the paddle on the monitor in real time. You're not going to find equipment like this at your local electronic store and where you can find it, it's not likely to be cheap. Hope this cleared things up for you. Have a good one.



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