Is this a fair price?

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      I am looking to sell my 2 Sony tape cameras and move to all tape less.  I just want a reality check if this is a fair price. 


      I would like to get $2600 for the following items:


      Both have low hours. I'll have to do a check but probably under 50 on each


      sony HVR-HD1000U.  A1/2.9 CMOS 

      sony HDR-FX7 3cmos 


      I am including a Mountain smith case for the 1000u along with a set of 3  filters for both cams.  I also have a wide angle lens adapter for the 1000u


      original boxes for both cams.  One of the charger power supply's quit working and I will be supplying an after market replacement. 



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      it sounds like a fair price to me. If they are in good shape and low hours. both new would be around 4000.00

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      Yes , it might be the good one and you need to go for the others too , so that you can make a good comparison for it.

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      Thanks for the input. 


      I'll probably post them on Craig's list and see what happens. 

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