Is there a way to be able to see a before and after shot when editing in Sony vegas 11

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      I found a tutorial from a company called Newbluefx using one of their plugins called colorfast, and in the following tutorial the gentlement is using avid but what can see on his setup on the program he has a video (original) on the left and the same video that he is manipulating on the right, can this be accomplish in sony vegas too? I would like to see the differences while applying effect to the same video, here is the youtube video tutorial

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      I use Vegas pro 11 and never have had to look at the original footage except to preview it and make some rough decisions about what parts i want to use, so I have never had the need to look at the original footage, because my mind is on the finished project.

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      I've never worked with Vegas but I've often did it in Premiere trying to get a film look and wanting to make a direct comparison. With luck Vegas will have similar tools available. Start by placing the same clip in both track #1 and #2 or wherever you need to place them and be able to place a transition between them. Pick a transition (I use a swipe from side to side) and place it between the two clips. In Premiere you can start the transition at a certain point at the biginning of the clip and and end it at a certain point at the end of the clip. Start and end the transition at 50, or the halfway mark. This will keep the swipe from moving so you will basically have a split screen with the clip from track 1 on one side and the one from track 2 on the other. Apply the effects you want to one clip and render. You will see the two clips side by side. Hope this is can be done in Vegas, I don't see why not. Good luck.



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