Is there a decent phone app for Music Video playback?

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      I can use either iPhone or Android apps…

      I am trying to shoot a music video, we are doing it guerrilla style and need a quick and easy way to jump to specific points in a song (mm:ss) – does anyone know a good app that would accomplish this… preferably free, but might buy it…

      I know I could use a standard player, but trying to use the little slider to do that is problematic I've discovered…

      Thanks for any help!!


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      Not really an app but create a black video to the length of the song with the song as the audio. Create a large timeline indicator in it and load it to your smart phone. Pause it at the time you want and start playing it in front of the camera instead of using a clapper board. It will get you close enough.

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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

      Check out an app called MovieSlate (Clapperboard & Shot Log). It appears it has an option to do what you are looking for. Although is an expensive app ($24.99) is not a bad idea to have it. 

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      Fildo is an excellent application to get decent music for any video background. You can get this application for free from this is obsoletely free app to get music.

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