Is there a complete “manual” for shooting videos?

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      Photography does not have many secrets left to me, even though lessons are always learned. Of course.
      Shooting videos now, that is I am finding out is a different ball game. I am good with the editing and many of the notions associated with it.
      I like to shoot in 'manual' mode even though I am also realizing the camera [NX-70 Sony] can outsmart me in the auto mode!

      I am into landscapes, I have done many 3~5 minute videos but those were easy [Go-Pro/Mark II/Canon S~95]. I am more talking about the present camera.

      I fumble with shutter speed, allow gain or no gain, f stops are of course understandable, yet wondering if there is a Book [on line or not] that truly explains how to take nice videos throughout the whole range of lights, as "light" is the bottom line of it all. The technical aspect.
      It would be nice. I am not in a situation were I could go take a course, as if I was, I would! trust me on that.

      Thanks and stay well…

      Ara and Spirit

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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

      Hi Ara



      Been quite busy working on a product (Excel programming) these past few weeks. Taking a breather now πŸ™‚


      There are a ton of articles on this site that are very useful. Use the search bar to search for your topic of interest. Also check Vimeo Video School which has excellent video tutorials on how to make better videos. This one explains shutter speed and FPS.



      Understanding how to take good video in different environments is one of the most difficult things to get a hang of. The techniques varies from camera to camera and the support equipment you have available. Also it depends on what exactly you want to accomplish in your video. By this I mean the shots you want to use, speed of the video (slow, fast, real time. Done by using a combination of shutter speed, fps and editing) and story you want to tell.


      If you feel too overwhelm we can make another Skype call. Drop me an email to schedule a day.


      Hope this helps


      PS: I'm going to make one of the recipes you sent me. Hoping I don't burn anything πŸ™‚

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      Internet dropping here right now. Will e mail you, it is time for some very pertinent questions!


      Don't burn anything… just take it easy. Easier to cook than making videos, for sure….


      Stay well. Ara and Spirit

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      There are no accurate manual in shooting a video. The important thing to do is to know the purpose of the business and the target viewers. Salt Lake City Studio

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