Is the 5D mkIII a worthwhile complement to the XF100?

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      I'm fairly new to video production and have been slowly assembling a full suite of gear to help build a business that will feature video productions as one of its cornerstones.  The general philosophy I've been employing is to carefully acquire all of the equipment needed at a reasonable price to allow myself and my team to gain experience with professional featured gear even if the gear itself isn't top shelf.  


      I started with an XF100 on the grounds that it at least had professional settings, then moved on to a complete lighting kit and finally a full set of audio gear including wireless lavs, shotgun mic, mixer and recorder.  Now we're at the point where we're about to shoot some artistic trailers to promote our upcoming work and the business' video production capabilities.


      My feeling is that the one piece of kit we're missing to put the best foot forward is a large sensor camera for its wider range of cinematic capabilities.  I'd love to go with a C100 or better but these are just out of reach of my comfort level.  The 5d mkIII isn't a great stretch financially but some of my team have expressed concerns about whether the video quality improvement and flexibility justifies the investment.  Having looked at some comparison footage I'm personally still leaning towards going with the DSLR for situational / artistic work but I thought I should put it to the more experienced members here first before making the final call.

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