Is my T2i about to go?

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      Hi so anyways I shoot normally with an EOS M GH3 and T2i. Last month I shot a short film all on a T2i the video was great quality and nice to look at (1080 24p) anyways this week I shot a wedding… the t2i was set to around 400 ISO with magic lantern and anyways I get home look at the footage and notice about 6 stuck pixels (Just glowing green in everyshot). I knew pixels get stuck sometimes or run hot so I didnt think to worry then I saw the video…the bride as she steps into frame shes goes all pixely on the edges of her face. The video looks like it was shot in 480p but the settings it was shot at was 1080…Now im kinda concerned I have had the cam for a few years and something inside me tells me it will be going soon, the video has never acted up like this before. The rest of the video in my wedding video shot with the t2i honestly looks like cellphone quality stuff just no detail and very "bad looking". Any advice? 

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      How does the video look if you load it up inside the camera? Are you sure it isn't a rendering issue on your editing machine? I have a T2i as well and haven't had this issue (*yet, knock on wood)

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      Do you use any of the focus peaking options?  I wonder if Magic Lantern isn't being janky.  I have used ML for years now and I have never had THAT happen, but it has been unstable a handful of times.  I would check for a newer build of it, or check on the dev forums and do a quick search. 

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      I have a T2i which I use regularly with ML.  I haven't seen anything like this but can suggest some tests.

      1 Try a short test at home with the same settings you used. 

      2 If you see the same problem try using a chip without ML.

      3 If the problem is gone you can suspect ML or the other chip.

      4 Format the chip you used for 1 and test again without ML

      5 If it looks OK then reload ML from your computer onto the chip and try again.

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      Hi, In camera it looks just as bad. 

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