Is it possible to do skin touchup live streaming

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      I use sony vegas pro and newbluefx tool effects for editing videos.
      My camcorder is a Sony HDR-12.  
      Is it possible to make some corrections of facial blemishes, wrinkles, etc. while recording and using the camera for live stream videos?  Is someone making plugins or tools for this type of work? 
      I noticed some videos on youtube that were created on Hangout+ the Google live stream plugin.  
      Some of these video recordings of the original live streaming definitely look touched up. 
      I have searched for a couple hours and haven't found anything.  I would appreciate to know if anyone knows of any tools or effects that will work live streaming.  For all I know it may be possible to do this with my camera, pushing through live video and applying effects simultaneously.  This would be too good to be true.   
      If anyone has suggestions on this topic I sure would like to read them.
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      I don't think you can do a skin touch up while doing a live streaming. I'm not really sure since I haven't tried that before. Anyway, you can actually test that. Do a trial and error while live streaming. 🙂 Explore and see for yourself if you can do skin touch in a live streaming.

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