Is it at all possible to capture footage which has a faulty/sometimes non-existent timecode?

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      I have a Sony VX1000 which despite being pretty old worked perfectly when I first got it, unfortunately it was dropped then fixed and since then its had a variety of problems the main one being the a faulty timecode on the playback (i use a small minidv cam as a capture cam). I know its the heads that are dirty and am going to send it away again but ive got a lot of footage id like to be able to captue. The timecode is either very jumpy or non existent but it plays back perfectly, no glitches, lines etc but just a really dodgy timecode at the top. Is there any way of being able to capture the footage normally without the use of a timecode? Ive tried it before on ULEAD video studio and once captured just plays dreadfully, skips loads or just doesnt work at all, in occurence to how bad the timecode is. Is there any software that you dont need to capture with a timecode on? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.

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      Both Windows XP and 7 provide free Movie Maker and 'Movie Maker Live'. Simply import from your camera or file downloaded to you pc, save movie file (Movie Maker 2012 ver16.4) in any format up to and including 1080p).

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