Is DVD dead or dying?

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      Having just spent a short time getting frustrated at trying to learn Adobe Encore, which is supplied with the library missing, I am beginning to wonder if it is worth learning a new video authoring programme. There are a number of other ways now of supplying finished product so I'm wondering how others supply their clients with the end product. Having spent a while looking around at other programmes and finding the opinion that DVD's are now being thought of as yesterday's solution what is to come?   Keith.

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      that's a good question, I still like to deliver on DVD (Blu-Ray if the end client has it), so I think encore still has some usefullness depending on your industry (weddings, corprate, etc…).  


      Alot of my clients just want a rendered video that they can then load onto their tablets and stream to their devices. The only problem is that some media players/smart tvs/streaming players play different formats and there isn't always a clear output format that will work on all systems.


      So in the end, I usually provide a hard copy and a file that they can convert or add to their own devices.  


      Also, I really liked encore, and I haven't really played with anything that comes quite as close to being a full featured DVD menu editor.  I wish they still supported it…

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      I feel your pain with Encore.  In some ways, other products beat it hands down.  Still, I believe DVDs and Blu-Ray will be viable for decades to come.

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      Way back in CS3, my first version of ENCORE, I was confused, made a lot of mistakes, shredded a lot of useless discs. So yeah, it takes some thinking and watching of tutorial videos to get to the point where you realize it is so flexible that when you move to another product you immediately realize how limited wizards and EZ Step programs can be. Now that I've done just about everything with ENCORE in combination with PPro and Photoshop, I wouldn't trade it. However, I am aware that Adobe will no longer be updating ENCORE so you may want to switch to, and learn, a product that has a longer lifespan.


      I just rendered out a Wedding DVD providing copies to the bride to sent to relatives, many of whom have DVD players but not access or ability to watch on the internet. I also provided a DVD ROM of the wedding as well so they could upload and share as they wish.


      The DVD upscaled well for the big tv crowd and I didn't provide a blu ray version; I wasn't asked. In fact, if anything is dead for me it's requests to build Blu-Rays.


      One great thing about DVD's, as ROM there is not less expensive way to desimate physical copies. The least expensive USB or SD card is still far more expensive than a DVD. Many of my business clients require a physical 'thing' to complete a project so they get a hi-def file on DVD ROM.




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      The local videographers association I belong to recently had a speaker via Skype give a presentation about how, in her wedding business, all video is now delivered on flash drives. No more DVDs and she tells her clients that up front. She claims that she rarely loses any jobs because of it and her target demo is OK with the flash drive concept.  


      One problem with the flash drive method is unlike a DVD, there doesn't seem to be any equivalent menuing system. I've looked around on the internet, and, other than playlists, nothing exists like the DVD menus.


      If anyone knows of such a product or method, please pass on the information. 

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      TMPGEnc just came out with the PGMX file format that allows you to deliver programs with DVD/Blu-ray styled menus in a single file. Their free player is required. I haven't tried the new program yet, but it looks like a great delivery method.


      I've been using their authoring and editing program for a couple of years and I'm quite happy with it.

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      @Ed: A quick search for ‘USB autorun creator” yielded several options for building menus for flash drives, including software packages and howto articles. They are all a little different, so you will need to do some research on what fits your needs, but autorun dvd-style menus are possible on flash drives.
      Hope this helps!

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      The vast majority of my customers still want DVD, especially when it comes getting their home movies transferred from VHS, Betamax or whatever format it's on,  and in that instance, DVD tends to have the higher quality, since you are able to put the interlace video on DVD in interlace, whereas with USB or file based video you need to really convert it to progressive or else you get the combing artifacts.  Sure you can run it through a software de interlacer, or a hardware de-interlacer, but in both casesthe quality suffers some, while upressing DVD/Blu-Ray players tend to have better higher quality de-interlacers at a lower price.  


      Plus us another thing with DVD is you don't need a high bandwidth to stream the video online.  I'm in an area where there is high speed in the cities, and some of the outlying areas, but then there are a lot of places, outside the cities, where the internet speed is just dial-up.  



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      I so wish that DVDs were completely dead and gone. My company offer HD home movie scans and we can give people gorgeous editable computer files but clients continue to ask for miserable DVDs. These things are a dinosaur. Low bit rate, not HD, hard to copy, not editable unless you do a DVD rip which makes an even crappier copy. Ugh…time to move on to new and better technology.

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      ultra chrome, what technology would you suggest people go with, especially when they are looking for an easy convenient way to share their video? I’ve had clients tell me that they want the video for their 90-some year-old great-grandmother, who doesn’t have a computer, doesn’t know how to get on the Internet, but has a VHS and DVD player, and they want something simple. Simplest thing is a VHS tape or a DVD, and the DVD’s, depending on the project, I’ll have some where the video starts as soon as the disc is in the player, while others I’ll have go to a menu for 15 seconds with the ability to select play or automatically go into the video once the 15 seconds is up.

      So what would you say ultrachrome, to some one who wanted a simple solution?

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      DVD’s are convenient for playing videos at home and in sharing, but it’s hard to play it on other devices because of its incompatiblity in the filer format. DVDs have limited space too. Suffice to say I am now handing my clients a flash drive for their video or to make it more affordable and accessible, I upload it on cloud like Dropbox. I only have to give them a link.

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      I think DVD is dead. Most of us these days watch movies or Tv shows on mobile devices. There are so many applications to enjoy movies for free. Now, the TVs most of us using are smart TVs. We can use the same mobile apps on TVs as well. For example, TeaTv ( is a great application for Android phone that helps to watch movies and Tv shows. We can install that on Android smart phones too. So, in my opinion, DVDs are dead.

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      Look at it this way, Blockbuster is almost dead. I have not burned a DVD in about 6 years. When I got new Case, installed a DVD and Blu ray Drive, then Blocked the front of this computer off with a NAS and have not had to move my NAS at all

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