Is 4k worth it

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Hi, I have both 4k and hdv video cameras but because they are different cameras with different lenses, I am still unsure as to whether or not 4k really makes that much difference.

It seems the camera is only as good as its weakest link, so unless you are shooting with a red epic (with a great lens) , then you will not really notice the difference.

I would be interested to hear what other people feel about this.

I have some videos on my home page. Some are hdv and some are 4k. Can anyone guess which videos were shot with which format?

The home page is

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I've had the same observation. In my experience the quality comes from the lenses more so than the sensor.
I will say, however, that when uploading video to YouTube, they compress 4K video differently than they do regular video and it winds up looking better. So I export all my video, 1080 and 4K at 4K for upload. In other words I upload everything at 4k whether it was originally shot that way or not. That makes a noticeable difference.

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It matter by what are you doing with the camera. If you are recording for internet then you do not need 4k. If you are making tv show or movies yes you need it then. Family stuff maybe not.

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While on a Sony 4K course at Pinewood studios, somebody asked the trainer, and he admitted none of Sony's, or his competitors domestic 4K TVs could display a full 4K HDR signal. The house price pro monitor can. Nobody has one of those at home. His opinion was that 4K for shooting is great because you get to pan and zoom in the edit without going below HD quality, which is the best most domestic monitors can really do in terms of contrast, and for some definition. My 4K gets output in 1080, and mixes well with other HD stuff. 4K as a viewing medium is a way away really.