iPhone 7 filming problem

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      Hi everyone,

      It’s my first time posting anything here, so forgive me if I am not aware of certain rules and conditions…

      For a project of mine, I need to use my iPhone 7 as the camera filming while walking down the street. I noticed that there is something wrong with the footage I made. This is the first attempt – https://youtu.be/RB89D7cOtYk
      I was using iPhone 7 (10.1) with a cheap selfie stick holding in my hand, 1080p 30 frames/sec. As you can see, it’s a bit ‘jumpy’? Not sure how to describe it. It seems like there is a beat that makes the camera shake?
      So I tested again around where I live, but this time I changed from 30 frames/sec to 60 frames/sec – https://youtu.be/JEZMkf5-I78
      It didn’t get better. The beats were even more obvious. I wonder could it be the selfie stick I used, so I made another one with hand held – https://youtu.be/QfJrFlCW9DI
      I feel it gets a bit better, but I am still not sure what was the reason causing the weird beats at the first place.

      Does anyone have any idea what could it be? Would a stabilizer like this (https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0113KBLBW/ref=pe_3187911_185740111_TE_item) help? Or could it be any other reason?

      Thank you so much!


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      Are you using the stabilizer in YouTube “picture improvements”? If so, don’t. It adds very bad artifacts such as the pumping effect you are seeing and worse.

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      Abbie Alaric

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      I’d agree with Charles Bennett, though I have to wonder if it is a hardware issue? Do you have a box or protector on it and the screen shield is loose? Or maybe its the actual camera lens that could be loose? The pumping/shaking effect seems to be most concentrated in the corners and middle of the image where as if you look at the sides the effect is much less obvious.

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