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      I have recently started recording some video to post videos of my garden on youtube.


      I am using an iphone 6 plus to shoot the videos with the "moviepro" app to do the settings and I am really unhappy with how they are turning out.  I have seen some pretty decent looking videos shot with iphones on the web, but mine look really bad.


      I am not sure how to describe it, but they sort of have a flickering light effect…and they look really awful when panning across straw, for example.  They have a lot of these weird effects even before putting them on youtube…and then they get even worse…


      Here is an example:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uip6rkVmDDs


      I am not looking to set the world on fire here…and I understand I am using a cell phone.  I was just hoping to shoot a few videos between now and my birthday in August and then ask the wife to buy me a mirrorless camera and tripod.

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      have a look at how he does his iphone filming it may give you some ideas.

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      maybe hold the phone still could make it better?or consider buying a tripod?

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