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      Hi guys, my name is Aaron, and I'm new to the forums here.


      My problem;


      This morning I driving into work and There is a bridge on an island pass that I drive over. There was a beautiful sunrise over the mountains to the east so I stopped to film it. I was already about 10 minutes late to the begining of the sunrise, but I decided to stop and film it anyway, thinking it'd make some great filler footage sometime on some future project. Since I was already late to sunrise, (and soon to be late for work, but it was worth it) I decided to put my Canon Vixia HF G20 on auto mode and let it record while on a tripod.  This was a really great shot, or at least I thought it was. When I got home I imported it into my NLE and sped up the 32 minute shot to 1 minute. This is when I noticed some ugly artifacts. It turns out that the auto mode was recording at 1080/60i, and with the speed increase, the interlacing became very noticeable. I can't figure out how to deinterlace my footage, neither before or after the speed increase.  IF anyone has any tips on how to make my great shot useable, I'd really appreciate it. 

      Also, I use Fusion 7 and Pinnacle Studio 18 Ultimate for editing.

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      Mike Wilhelm

      I don't have a copy of Pinnacle Studio 18 in front of me, so I can't really test it, but most editing apps have a deinterlace effect you can apply as a quick fix. Also, you should be able to change your project settings to 30p and then just drop the 60i clip on to it. The quality of artifact reduction will depend on the sophistication of Pinnacle's deinterlacing algorithm.

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      Thanks mike,


      I found the deinterlace plugin in Studio 18.  It's not great, but it gets marginally acceptable results.

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      It's in the NewBlue FX package, in case anyone else needs to find it.

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