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      Hi everyone,

      I have got a problem I hope some of you, smart people, can help me.

      The project is to resize a SD interlaced 4:3 television program to 16:9 (let say exporting to HD1080i).

      The source file got sometimes (not always) between two shots a frame with half/half fields, example:

      Nothing special with that you should think, it makes the video more smooth to see. But back to my project.. in the timeline (adobe premiere pro cc) I cut the file in a lot of pieces (each part is 1 shot), because I resize/reframe (actually differ the heights of the motion) all the different shots to correct new piece of work. Well, everything is fine about that, BUT when I export the project (to 1080i, 480i whatever) I got the same half/half fields, but now only one of the two fields has resized to my new height-setting. Can you follow my description? Now it’s not a smooth frame that links shot A with shot B, but a shock in my video, because half of that frame reframed after this to my new height.

      Is there any solution for it? I was thinking about forgetting the whole interlacing setting and deinterlace to 50fps, but you know, for television interlacing and 25fps is better to be stayed. (moreover: when I deinterlace with JES Deinterlacer 50fps the half/half fields are gone and are 2 seperate frames with shot A and shot B. But I am afraid I lose quality with deinterlacing).

      Thanks a lot for your help!

      Kind regards,

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      Is there a reason that you need the footage cropped to 16×9? Would it work alright if your footage was upscaled and just left in the 4×3 with a colored 16×9 background matte behind it? Or have an upscaled 4:3 version in front of an upscaled and cropped 16×9 version that is blurred.

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      Well if your clients think that’s fine, then great. Although, personally, cropping SD 4:3 to 16:9 HD has got to make the image look soft, and in some aspects, screw up the original composition (just take a look at the Babylon 5 DVD’s that are out there).

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      Thanks for your suggestions. The loss of some information is what my client accepts, and a cropped 16:9 format looks more natural.
      I fixed it by deinterlacing every 25th frame which is easy to do in Premiere Pro.

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